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My name is Paul G... and I am a 20 year old student from England, currently on an exchange for one semester here in Australia. This trip has been quite incredible and i'd like to briefly explain why that has been the case.....

Why I had Alexander lessons...
From an early age through my rugby playing, I became deeply interested in fitness training. I decided at the age of 16 that I wanted a career in the Royal Marines and began a training program that would hopefully enable me to reach a level good enough to be awarded a scholarship through university. I decided that I would study Sports Science which would further my knowledge in an area which would be of obvious benefit in my chosen career. As my training progressed my running times did not improve and I started to get pains in my lower legs. As this worsened I sought medical advice and subsequently had an operation to ÔcureÕ the problem. The timing of this however meant that a scholarship was out of the question. The plan was therefore to enter after university, giving myself plenty of time to recover and train; this was something I never believed would be so difficult.... how wrong I was. more>>


I have worked with Andrea Beesley over an extended period, taking Alexander lessons 2 - 4 times per week. As a professional conductor and pianist, I am well aware of the level of stress to be overcome, as well as the need to maintain physical health and fitness to perform to my optimum standards. Working with Andrea and the Alexander Technique accounts for much of my ability to not only maintain, but enhance my level of performance. It has also, in my experience, brought about recovery from illness and injury. more>>

What pupils have to say
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