Andrea Beesley
What Happens in and Alexander

The Alexander teacher, through careful observation, will help you recognise harmful patterns of use which create undue stress and tension. The teacher will then, with verbal instructions and the gentle guidance of his/her hands, direct you through some kind of movement that you do everyday, like gettting in and out of a chair or walking, in such away that you will have the experience of preventing those harmful habits. As you learn to apply this new means for preventing the harmful habits during your daily activities, the more the body will have a better chance to sort itself out.

During the lesson you may be asked to lie on a table, fully clothed, books will be put under your head and your knees bent., this is what we call semi-supine. The purpose of this it to show you how you can learn to stop and think to allow your body to unwind in a way that you are not harming yourself.

Teacher of the Alexander Technique

What to wear in a lesson:
I prefer people to wear what they would normally wear during the day because it is about applying principles in your work related and daily actiivites rather than doing excercises. It is best not to wear tight jeans as they tend to restrict movement in the hip joints. You will be asked to take of your shoes.

What you can learn by having Alexander Technique lessons is to:

What is required is a willingness to help yourself.

Prof. John Dewey and
F. Matthias Alexander