Andrea Beesley
 	How the Alexander Technique
Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Even though people may come for all sorts of reasons, back pain, poor posture, RSI etc. my job as an Alexander Teacher is not to treat these symptoms but instead to show people what they are doing to themselves which is harmful and teach them how they can prevent what they are doing so that the body has a chance to sort itself out. As people become more conscious and change the way they use themselves during their daily activities this can have therapeutic affects.

What is required from the pupil is a willingness to help themselves by learning to think so as to prevent their harmful habits of use.

The Alexander Technique is not a quick fix and time is of the essence.

back problems
breathing problems
carpal tunnel syndrome

high blood pressure
knee pain
low self esteem

neck pain
nervous problems
pain management
poor posture

stress & tension
problems with walking