Andrea Beesley

How I came across the technique...
In 1971 my brother Roderick was teaching the Alexander Technique in Denmark but at that time I thought that it was some weird kind of yoga until friends of the people I worked for in Paris came for dinner and started raving on about this Alexander Technique. They said it was to do with the balance of the head on top of the spine and that what we do with our head and neck effects our spine, posture and breathing etc.,. I was fascinated with what they were saying and it turned out that the teacher with whom they had lessons was my brother! It's a small world|

My first lessons...
About 6 months later both Roderick and I happened to be in London at the same, so out of curiosity I asked him "What's this Alexander Technique all about?". There and then he said he would give me a lesson. He got me to stand in front of a chair and said " f you are going to sit for a long time you might as well sit in the best possible way", I thought 'fair enough'. He started guiding me in and out the chair by my head and would tell me to let the head lead. It felt a little bit strange getting in and out the chair in this way. Although I didn't get much sense of what changes were taking place during the process of getting in and out of the chair, by the end of the lesson I felt very different, much lighter and I felt that I had been unwound. I went home and put my head on my pillow and slept for about eight hours, which for me was a miracle as I suffered from insomnia.. My brother was directing my head in such a way that it prevented me from creating so much tension in neck. I would never have thought that such a simple and subtle direction could bring about so much change.

I had a lesson every day for fifteen days and it was after my twelfth lesson that I knew that this was what I wanted to do as a profession. What I liked was that it is about helping people to help themselves so they can have more conscious control over their lives. I continued having lessons once a week for a year and half until there was a place for me on the teacher training course . After each lesson I felt so much better, no longer suffered from insomnia and gradually became a lot calmer. I didn't realise how highly strung I was before I started having lessons as that was just my normal state of being. I was able to be more conscious of the way I used myself while going about my daily activities and to give myself more time so I could choose how I wanted to respond to difficult situations instead of reacting from an emotional gust.

My career as an Alexander Technique Teacher...
In 1974 I started the 3yr teacher training course to become an Alexander Technique teacher under the direction of Walter Carrington at the Constructive Teaching Centre in London. On finishing my training I assisted Walter Carrington on the training course every day for 7yrs and also built up a private teaching practice for the general public. In 1984 I emigrated to Australia and was Director of the Sydney Alexander Teacher Training School, and from 1987 - 2001 was Director of the Centre for Alexander Technique Studies. I now live in Paris, France. and organise individual lessons, introductory workshops and also post graduate groups for Alexander Teachers. I intend to start an Alexander Teacher Training course in Paris for those who wish to train to be a teacherr of the Alexander Technique.

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What pupils have to say...

About me - Andrea Beesley
Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Andrea during her training carefully observing herself in the mirrors.